Why Grief Counseling Works

Every person will experience some form of grief in their lifetime. Whether it’s losing a beloved friend or family member; the loss of a job, career, pet, or way of life, grief takes on many forms and it often looks and feels different for everyone.

While the causes and experiences of grief may differ for each person, the good news is, there are practical, constructive ways to learn how to cope, release, and rediscover an enriched life filled with joy again.

This is where grief counseling comes in. A professionally trained counselor— particularly one who specializes in grief and loss—is able to help one move through the stages of their grief, and into healing.

This is especially true if you don’t already have anyone to talk to about the feelings you’re having while grieving. Whether it’s in a private session or small group setting, studies have shown that talking through feelings, emotions, and thoughts often helps one cope with and address grief symptoms that arise.

Sometimes, turning to our friends or family can be difficult as well. This is why it’s important to have an outlet that is not just those you’re closest to.

Here are some things you can expect to work on and achieve while being supported by a grief counselor:

● Accepting and embracing your loss and a new reality.
● Understanding the specific type of trauma you experienced.
● Learning how to acknowledge and express your emotions.
● Getting to a place where you can comfortably talk about your loss.
● Learning how to overcome any lingering guilt or shame.
● Understanding how to cope with life changes, after your loss.
● Finding your core support system and new routines/habits.
● Setting up rituals to commemorate your loved one.
● Being able to identify and work through signs of depression, sadness, and grief, as they crop up.

It’s important to know that your grief counseling experience will be unique to you and a great counselor will focus on ensuring their work fits your specific needs.

With that in mind, grief counseling is a reliable and practical way to help navigate what could be among the most challenging things you’ll go through in life. A professional counselor can help you develop healthy coping tools, strategies, and rituals so you can continue to live a happy, healthy life after loss.

If you’re new to therapy it may feel intimidating or nerve-racking to get started- especially if you’re already grieving. Simply take one step today by researching grief counselors near you. The benefit of seeking support sooner than later can mean the immediate difference in your quality of life.

Photo credit: Pixabay_Wokandapix