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How to Help Children Cope After the Loss of a Parent

When a child loses a parent, their whole world is shaken. Before they experience that kind of loss, they most likely feel safe in the world knowing that they’re loved, protected and cared for. A parent can represent that pillar of strength for them. So when they lose a parent, children can start to feel…

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If you make good choices, bad things won’t happen

One of the more insidious parts of our culture is a tendency to view almost everything as a result of our choices. For example, when good things happen to you, it means you made good choices… but when bad things happen, it’s your fault too. Everyone knows that bad choices can sometimes have consequences. But…

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What to Expect at the Funeral

If you, like many young people, haven’t been to a funeral before and certainly haven’t been to the funeral of a close family member before, the funeral can feel like a huge chore to get through, filled with potential pitfalls and likely run-ins with unwelcome family members. Or, you might envi-sion a room full of…

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