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Is It Ever Okay or Possible to Move on?

If you’re dealing with a death of a loved one, the idea of “moving on” can feel insulting. It’s a phrase often associated with a break-up and implies emotional distance. But after a major loss, you will likely hear people talking about how you should move on. What does that mean, and is it even…

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Creating a New Narrative After Loss

It’s a cliche to say that life is about the stories we tell ourselves—but there is a lot of truth to that. How we understand the things that happen to us and around us is determined largely by the narratives we create and repeat to ourselves. How we understand the trajectory of our lives depends…

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Finding Strength and Resilience After Loss

After a major loss, it’s normal to find it hard to function for at least a short amount of time afterward. But even the most devastating loss can be an occasion for growth. For some people, the path towards resilience comes easily—usually people who both already had an optimistic mindset and who don’t see their…

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