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Grieving The Lives We Had Before COVID-19

Grief is not limited to the death of someone we loved or cared for. Grief can show up in our lives for other things lost like a job, financial security, and an overall way of life. Giving ourselves permission to label the life we had pre-Coronavirus means we then allow ourselves to grieve; to properly…

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Why It’s Okay to Be Angry About Coronavirus and What to Do About It

Anger is defined as a strong feeling that people get when something unfair, painful, or bad happens. It is often considered a secondary emotion because we typically experience anger as a way to protect ourselves from other vulnerable feelings. We usually feel something else first like fear, hurt, rejection, frustration, or sadness. Anger emerges as…

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An Open Letter To Those Grieving a Covid-19 Death

April 2020 Dear Grieving Family and Friends, I know you are in pain. It’s difficult when someone we love dies. And, it is even harder when we don’t get a chance to say goodbye. I am sure it feels like you are surrounded by loss. Everywhere you turn, it’s there. It’s on the TV, it’s…

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