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Online Grief Support Group

It can be difficult to find the words to describe how you’re feeling when it comes to losing someone you cared about. No matter the relationship, the pain surrounding your grief can undoubtedly run deep.

The world doesn’t stop turning even though your life has, in many ways, stopped.

The idea of them no longer being around to see, talk to, hug, catch up with- it can feel unbearable at times. This, I know, on a deeply personal level.

Whether it’s been a few weeks or a few years since your loss, your grief may still be painful.

And this is why it’s more important than ever to connect with others who know exactly how you’re feeling.

This group is designed to support those struggling with the death of someone they loved and cared for. It will be made up of people who will be able to understand and relate to the type of loss and grief you’re experiencing.

This is an opportunity to continue working through the grief and healing from your loss outside of your more immediate social and familial circles; a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental environment for you to feel open to expressing any ongoing thoughts, feelings, and emotions that continue to keep you up at night or creep into your day-to-day.

NOTE: This is not your run of the mill support group. I’m keeping it small (6 people max) and, as a licensed counselor, I will be providing you with practical tools and strategies to help cope with your loss and grief—both as a group and individually.

Here’s what it’ll look like:

  • This is a remote/virtual group right now (for those in NY and NJ).
  • I use Zoom ‘Healthcare Plan’ which is in compliance with HIPAA.
  • Maximum 6 people per session to ensure an intimate, private setting.
  • The cost $55 per week.

2021 Meeting Schedule

For Widows:

6:30-7:30 pm on Thursdays (each group runs for 6 weeks)

May 20 - June 24
July 15 - August 19
September 9 - October 14
October 4 - December 9

For Parental Loss:

4:15-5:15 pm on Tuesdays (each group runs for 6 weeks)

April 6 - May 11
June 1 - July 6
July 27 - August 31
September 21 - October 26
November 16 - December 21