Educational Workshops

Workshops are an opportunity to learn more about loss and grief. You may have experienced a recent loss and want to understand more about the process of grief. Maybe you are a friend to someone who has recently experienced a loss and want to understand what they are going through. You may be someone who is simply interested in loss and grief.

Moving Through Grief

Join us for an interactive discussion about loss and grief. During this workshop, we will discuss a framework to help understand grief, engage in activities to explore grief and create community by identifying shared grief experiences.

Mindful Grieving

Grieving is a process that we naturally engage in to heal from our losses. Mindfulness strategies can provide us with a way to work through the difficult and painful emotions that we can experience when we are grieving a loss. In this workshop, we will explore how mindfulness can be a helpful way to navigate the challenges that come with our grief.

Surviving The Holidays

The holidays can be a challenging time when we are struggling with the loss of a loved one. This two-part workshop is designed to provide support during this difficult time.

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