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COVID-Related Support Group

Whether you’re navigating financial, economical, or emotional changes resulting from the current virus, and/or other losses like the end of a relationship, losing a pet, a place, or an era, it’s important to stay connected and to stay in touch with the outside world as we continue to adjust to how things have changed.

You don’t have to grieve alone. This Support Group provides a nurturing space where you can talk about your losses with others in a safe and open environment.

This is an opportunity to continue working through the grief and healing from your losses—outside of your more immediate social and familial circles—in a non-judgemental space for you to freely express any ongoing thoughts, feelings, and emotions that continue to keep you up at night or creep into your day.

More details:

  • This is a remote/virtual group right now (for those in NY and NJ).
  • I use Zoom ‘Healthcare Plan’ which is in compliance with HIPAA.
  • Maximum 6 people per session to ensure a close-knit, personal setting.
  • The cost $55 per week.

2021 Meeting Schedule

12:00-1:00 pm on Fridays (each group runs for 8 weeks)

February 19 - April 9
April 30 - June 18
July 9 - August 27
September 17 - November 5