Feeling Isolated and Disenfranchised Inside LGBTQIA+ Grief

Losing someone we love is always a difficult and painful experience. To ease our pain and find a path through grief, we observe various rituals and practices that are often seen as an expected part of mourning. Meaningful quotes or scriptures can be comforting, as are loved ones’ expressions of sympathy. Yet, for some communities,…

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Experiencing Grief When Your Child Comes Out As Trans

When your child trusts you with the information that they are a transgender person, you may experience a lot of conflicting emotions at once, especially if you don’t have other “out” trans people in your life and the transgender landscape is new to you. As you sort through various emotions and immediate reactions, you may…

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Navigating The Loss of Your Life Partner

Losing the person you share your life with is a life-changing event. Your most intimate relationship is more intertwined with your life than any other, so losing them can feel like losing a part of yourself. This loss touches every part of your life. It’s completely understandable to feel overwhelmed and like this is impossible…

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