6 Ways To Use Music When You’re Mourning

There are a number of healthy and helpful ways to process loss and grief. Traditional avenues might look like support groups, counseling, or journaling.  There are also less expected ways to grieve, which are equally valid– like expressing yourself through creative projects, tuning into a heart-warming podcast, or using music…

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10 Grief Podcasts To Tune Into

When going through something as life-changing as loss, it can be helpful to remain open to all available resources to help find the comfort, community, and validation needed to move through your grief and toward healing.  You might look to a support group, a creative project, a good book, a…

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8 Creative Ways To Process Your Grief

There are many different ways to process grief. While there are plenty of conventional and traditional coping mechanisms, there is no one “right” way, and you can use whatever feels right for you and your journey. Whether you consider yourself a particularly “creative” person or not, you may find that…

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Feeling Isolated and Disenfranchised Inside LGBTQIA+ Grief

Losing someone we love is always a difficult and painful experience. To ease our pain and find a path through grief, we observe various rituals and practices that are often seen as an expected part of mourning. Meaningful quotes or scriptures can be comforting, as are loved ones’ expressions of…

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Experiencing Grief When Your Child Comes Out As Trans

When your child trusts you with the information that they are a transgender person, you may experience a lot of conflicting emotions at once, especially if you don’t have other “out” trans people in your life and the transgender landscape is new to you. As you sort through various emotions…

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