Hi, I’m Diane.
I provide counseling services here in New York.

I am here to help with your grief and work through the pain of your loss. And, yes, it is work. As we work together, you will find that I am open-minded and flexible – we can talk about anything.   I will listen to you, laugh with you, cry with you, and I will challenge you. I guide my clients as they go through the grieving process and adjust to the changes in their life.

Grieving Can Be Tough

I know how hard it is to grieve. I have been there and experienced the depths of grief that come with the death of someone who is close to you, someone that you love. It’s challenging to bring our life back into balance and make sense of the significant changes that have happened. I am here to help you navigate your grief.   And, I am certain that we can find ways for you to become more resilient and grow through the pain of loss.

Loss Comes In Different Shapes & Sizes

Sometimes grief is around the death of someone important in your life, sometimes it is about loss of a job, career, parenting role, marriage, friendship, health or physical ability. Whatever the source of your grief, we will move through the experience together and find ways for you to heal.

A Little About My Background

I work best with people who are committed to personal growth and interested in doing the work to deal with their pain. I have been working with people who are grieving since 2008, first with hospice and now in private practice. My work has been featured in the documentary, The Secret Map of Surviving Loss, a film that tells the story of five individuals and their personal journey through loss.

I began counseling after spending 20+ years in training and organizational development successfully leading large scale organizations, facilitating change and transformation. I am a counselor, educator and advocate. I love to help people better understand grief and the grieving process. I have presented on the topic of grief and loss at the American Counseling Association National Conference in 2016 and have been a guest lecturer at St. Johns University and Pace University.

Counseling May Ease Your Suffering

My life-long ambition has been to help people at a time when they might be feeling vulnerable find ways to best navigate the life challenges they are facing. I will help you learn how to cope, identify ways to become more resilient and grow through the pain of loss.

I want to help you with your personal loss. Call me. 212-204-6586