The 20-20 Grief Project

Real People. Real Stories. Real Grief.

The 20-20 Grief Project features real grief stories from those who wish to share their experiences in order to help others.

Here you’ll find video and podcast interviews from those who have experienced various types of death, loss, and grief, at least 20 years ago.

We feature both longer-form stories as well as shorter clips, highlights, and takeaways.

Have a look around! We’re so glad you’re here.


The 20-20 Grief Project Podcast

Are you looking to better understand grief with all the loss in the world right now?

Have you wanted to make sense of or navigate life after loss? Or wish to better support someone else who is grieving?

The 20-20 Grief Project Podcast strips away the taboo nature of talking about death, grief, and loss and focuses on true stories directly from those who have experienced it.

If you’ve been questioning life and death after your own loss, want to understand someone else’s loss, or are simply curious about the topic of death and dying, this podcast is for you.

We invite you to become more curious and less afraid of these sometimes scary topics.


Real Stories From Real People

In 2018-2019, we interviewed dozens of real people about their losses and subsequent grief. Our wonderful guests walked us through their losses, reflected on their grief journeys, and where they are now, at least 20 years later. Our primary topics of discussion included:

  • Sibling loss
  • Parental loss
  • Young widowhood
  • Suicide loss
  • Friends & family loss
  • Sudden & traumatic loss

If you’re curious about other's stories of loss and grief, how they’ve coped, and important lessons learned along the way, check out our interview series by clicking the button below.

Why & how the project began


One day after a counseling session with a client, I began to think about hindsight as it relates to grief. We talked about the loss of my client’s brother and what it would be like 20 years down the road when she was older, and her brother was not around to share in her life.

After my client left the office, I took a moment to reflect and found myself in a puddle of tears. It was at this moment that I realized the symbolism of the day for me. It was the 20-year death anniversary of my brother, John. The power of that moment was absolutely unforgettable.

As I began to collect my thoughts and prepare for the remainder of my day, I realized this connection with grief and hindsight. I wanted to be able to provide my client with stories about what her grief might feel like in 20 years and how her brother could remain an integral part of her life.

I decided to ask people to share their stories, quite simply - What do you remember about your loss 20 years ago? And, What does it feel like today?

And this is how the idea was born for The 20-20 Grief Project.


This is a project of shared human connectedness, vulnerability, and kindness for those sharing and reading these stories of pain and loss.

This is about helping others cope with their more immediate grief while also providing a space for release, sharing, and looking toward the future beyond the more immediate and acute pain you or your loved one(s) may be experiencing or have experienced.