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Start Working Through The Pain of Your Loss

No one wants to grieve and everyone wonders when it will be over. When you are surrounded by people who have not experienced this depth of pain, you can feel more isolated.

  • Your friends may be telling you that you should get out more or maybe they’re concerned about how much you are out.
  • Your partner says to cry more or cry less.
  • Your family is telling you to move on with your life. They don’t know how to help you and you don’t know what you need from them.

Most People Don’t Understand
Your Grief

Everyone has an opinion on how you should be grieving and you wish the well-meaning advice actually helped. Your boss and co-workers hope you are ready to dig back in to that project you are responsible for and while work is a great distraction, you know your concentration is half of what it used to be.

There are times when you feel like a fundamentally different person, seeing the world through a new set of eyes. The grief on its own is awful, but the grief in combination with life’s other responsibilities and relationships sometimes feels unbearable.

Life Continues
Moving Forward

After some time, everyone else seems to forget. Life goes on for them and they go back to their normal, but you don’t have a normal to go back to – everything has changed. You still have so much life ahead of you and it’s not at all what you expected when you thought about the future.

You Don't Have
To Grieve Alone

That’s where I come in. I want to help you move through your grief and create a future you’re excited about. A future that includes honoring your grief and finding meaning in the loss. The suffering does not have to be long term. Please call 212-204-6586 before it gets tougher.

My Services

Counseling will help you with the challenges you are facing with work, family, friendships and give you space to heal from your loss. Many times we attend counseling sessions alone although there are times that, as a couple or family, you may experience mutual loss. In these cases, you may wish to come in by yourself, with your spouse or partner, and/or with your other family members so you may all work through your grief together and understand how it may be affecting each of you in different ways.

In addition to these individual or family counseling settings, I also offer group counseling sessions as well as workshops for those looking to learn more about grief and loss.

Please note that individual counseling services are being conducted both in-person and virtually. Groups and Workshops are hosted online. See individual services below for more information.


If you find it hard to get through the day, feel overwhelmed by daily demands, and are unable to focus, it may be time to consider counseling. Here are the types of counseling sessions that I offer:

No longer accepting new clients.


Joining a group session or series can be a great way to support and connect with others who are experiencing similar forms of loss and grief. Choose among our current groups, which include:

No longer accepting new clients.


Workshops are a great way to gain a deeper understanding about the grieving. Learning more about loss and grief can be an important part of the healing process. Workshops are held monthly and include:


Hello, I'm Diane

I understand how difficult it is to grieve. It can feel like your life has been hijacked and you are not sure if it can ever be the same again. You are trying to balance work, family, friendships – and sometimes it is just about getting through the day.

Your heart is filled with sadness and pain, your mind is clouded with thoughts that can feel overwhelming and you wonder if you could ever be happy again. I will work with you and meet you where you are at in your grieving process.

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